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Payment & Vouchers

What are the mode of payments accepted?

What is E-Wallet? How does it work?

Can I use my wallet upon delivery?

How do I pay for an order using Apple pay?

Can I use my wallet for multiple transactions?

How long will my wallet amount last for?

Can I use coupon while paying through wallet?

How long does it take to get the amount in my wallet?

I cannot see options to use my wallet amount in the checkout page.

Where can I see my wallet balance & the related transactions?

What if I return the items which I purchased using my wallet?

Can I decide the amount which I want to use from my wallet and the rest of the other payment options in the checkout?

During the order and shipment process, when is my credit card billed?

Can I pay only 1 shipping fee for the multiple orders placed on the same day?

How Does Pay With Tabby Work?

How Can I Use Tabby With Brands For Less?

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