Company Overview

The BFL Group is one of the world’s leading off-price retailers of fashion and homeware. Based in the United Arab Emirates, we serve over three markets across the Middle East and Europe.

Our journey started when our unique off-price business model – Brands for Less – was introduced to Lebanon in 1996. Four years later, in the year 2000, we had a home in the UAE.

Our goal is to delight customers and entice them back with the promise of exceptional pieces that excite – all at up to 80% off the original retail price for fashion designer brands. Our unique “Treasure Hunt” model ensures there is always something new to explore, desire, and discover within our stores. Our customers walk out with new items every time they visit any of our stores.

As Brands For Less, driven by optimized rapid-purchase strategies, became a phenomenon across the Middle East, we expanded to engage new audiences. We acquired exclusive rights to the Tchibo franchise in the MENA region, selling the German brand’s homeware and apparel at very competitive prices associated with a premium customer care environment. Our UAE presence evolved into our central operational hub from where we distribute rapidly to other markets.

While we are proud of the customer trust, support, and loyalty we have achieved, we never take it for granted and are always looking at new ways to delight. We have launched our Toys For Less concept that extends our off-price retail model to toys, kids apparel, and party costumes. We have also recently acquired franchise rights for Korean brand MUMUSO which we have taken to Lebanon and Malta.

We take our reputation as pioneers in the Middle East’s value sector seriously and furnish it daily both at strategic and tactical levels. Through it all, our primary objective remains customer satisfaction generated by unlocking great experiences at spectacular value. We continue to expand our product range in line with our customer-centric principles, making sure that store visitors benefit from a rich, all-in-one experience where surprise and delight is always around the corner. Our latest push is towards making Brands For Less more inclusive for customers worldwide by taking our e-commerce experience to new audiences.

BFL Founders Explain How It All Got Started

With new arrivals everyday, we offer a unique “Treasure Hunt” experience to customers which keeps bringing them back again and again

Company History

Our long history as innovators and pioneers in the off-retail industry has led to a long line of milestones that we are very proud of.
Brands For Less Is Introduced To The Lebanese Market

Our first store in Lebanon is introduced under the vision of our leaders, Mr Toufic Kreidieh and Mr Yasser Beydoun. Our aim is to revolutionise retail and inspire customers.

BFL Group Opens First Brands For Less Store In The UAE

Four years after our Lebanon debut, we open our doors in the UAE.

Tchibo’s Launch In The UAE

Our Tchibo products rapidly become our fastest-moving products across all our retail presence.

First E-Commerce Company To Launch In JAFZA

In 2013, BFL Group launches an e-commerce presence in JAFZA, and establishes another key milestone, this time in one of the world’s largest free zones.

Toys For Less Begins Delighting Younger Customers

Our story of innovation continues with Toys For Less – the first off-price toy store in the region that extends our business model to delight younger audiences.

Our First MUMUSO Stores Launch In Lebanon

BFL Group launches MUMUSO in two of Lebanon’s high-traffic areas. The brand becomes an instant hit, with overwhelming response from almost half of all Lebanon’s population.

BFL Group Delights Malta With Tchibo’s First Store

Massive crowds excitedly welcome renowned German lifestyle brand Tchibo to Malta. Adults and children alike flock to the Sliema store as Tchibo opens its doors and welcomes the people of Malta to “a new world every week".


Our long history as innovators and pioneers in the off-retail industry has led to a long line of milestones that we are very proud of.
Brands For Less

Brands For Less sparks innovation in off-retail. Our goal is to put customer delight and dynamic ideas at the heart of what we do, and ensure our audiences benefit from items to covet, desire and cherish – all at up to 80% off recommended retail prices. Every store visit is an experience, with the latest innovative products, items and gadgets waiting to be discovered.

Toys For Less

Toys For Less extends our off-retail model to engage younger audiences. We source from 500 plus brands to ensure that there is the perfect toy at the right price for every child out there.

Homes For Less

Homes For Less brings off-price value and BFL’s ethos of customer satisfaction to the home. Our home accessories and furniture retail brand delivers the same value, innovation, exciting products and stylish designs that BFL customers know and love. With premium brands and home fashion available at up to 60% off recommended retail price, and a new selection of items to browse daily, Homes For Less has rapidly become the preferred brand for the thrifty house-proud.


Tchibo offers scintillating affordable variety along with the brilliant element of surprise. Our in-store collections change weekly and are available only in limited quantities – creating the desire to visit again and again to discover new desirables.

Muy Mucho

What started as a family business, evolved into an international operation available in 9 countries with more than 100 stores. With a passion for decoration, muy mucho made home decoration fun and accessible in harmony with its design and quality vs price DNA. The brand focuses on triggering a cozy, warm and welcoming vibe through its products, inspired by the personnel’s travels around the world, creating an intimate, peaceful and friendly atmosphere with the predominance of wood, textiles, and soft colors to replicate balance.